Hancock County emergency response agencies hold mock crash event to encourage students against distracted, drunk driving

A McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department firefighter and a Seals Ambulance paramedic move a Vernon High School student into the ambulance on a stretcher during a mock wreck event on Thursday, April 12. Hundreds of students viewed the biannual mock crash event intended to discourage driving under the influence on prom night.

The emergency response agencies in Hancock County joined together to hold a mock crash event to visually demonstrate the consequences of distracted driving or driving under the influence on Thursday, April 12.

Seals Ambulance joined with the McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department, Fortville Volunteer Fire Department, McCordsville Police Department, Fortville Police Department, Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, Hancock County Dispatch Center, St. Vincent Statflight and Seals Funeral to demonstrate to hundreds of juniors and seniors at Mount Vernon High School the reality of driving under the influence.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, approximately 300 teens have died in alcohol-related traffic accidents during prom weekends over the past several years.

“We’ve been participating in what we call ‘Safe Prom’ for several years,” said McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department Public Information Officer Ray Hashley.  “We put this scenario together every other year hoping to show the reality of driving under the influence with the Jr.’s and Sr.’s that are planning on going to Prom.”

“The consequences of distracted and drunk driving are real,” said Seals Ambulance Vice President Tony Anteau. “We take part the mock crash and other events like this in the hopes that when the students are faced with the dramatization of a serious car accident, they will avoid drinking and driving and the risks of serious injuries or death to themselves and their friends.”

The area departments set up a “mock” serious accident with students from the school role-playing as victims.  First responders will arrive on the wrecked vehicles to walk through the actions they would take in a real car crash. In this staged situation, one student was dead on arrival; aw critical patient was cut out of a car using special rescue equipment and taken out by helicopter; several students had minor injuries; and a drunk teenage driver was arrested by police.

“As the students return to the school they passed an open coffin,” Hashley said. “And although this is a mock scenario we hope that they see the seriousness of the decisions they will be making regarding alcohol and drugs and decide that it’s just not worth risk.  These accidents truly are life changing events.”

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